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[Denied] Enderlord's ban appeal

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Username: Enderlord

Which Dimension(s) were you banned on?: (All including other servers )

Ban Reason:
I briefed prison mikes build which I did not know it was his. I could not tell him I didn’t know it was his because he bullied me and then took off.

Was the ban fair? Did you break the rules knowingly?: (The ban wasn’t fair at all. I didn’t know that it was mike build. He did not leave a sign on there or anything and plus. It looked kind of damaged to. I also cannot get on other servers or create my own server with out other people besides my best friend so we can just play together.)

Why should you be unbanned?: I wasn’t trying to be mean to mike. Mike bullies me when I’m  nice to him and try to help him and then tries to delete the truth.  I’ve tried negotiating with him but he keeps on doing it and no one else listens to me. I also play on the server to hang out let’s my best friend and now I’m sad I cannot do that any more.  Know I know how he feels, I promise I will not do this ever again and leave mike alone, even leave the server itself so I can start a new one with just me and my friend. Please, I haven’t seen my friend in two years and terraria is what brought us together.


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