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    • I have known you for quite a while and most certainly know what you are capable of, so I can safely say you would be worthy to get accepted as part of our staff, although I have noticed that even tho you have been active from time to time, and been very helpful, my advice would still be applying for helper. Just to be safe. I do hope you get accepted, good luck! (Edit: Somebody from your timezone would be quite perfect as addition to the team, as this makes up for the gap between the time our american staff and our european staff is both asleep.)
    • Username(s): Popopz
        Discord Username: Popopz#3051
        Current Freebuild/PvE Rank: Count/Squire lvl 28.
        Applying for: idk, Officer or Mod
          How active are you on the server? (Hours per day/week) Yes. ok so since my Uni schedule changes 3 times a year, but currently, I can give about 2-3 hours a day, 😛   What is your timezone? UTC + 10 so Eastern Australia time zone.   How old are you? 18, just had a birthday 3 weeks ago.   How long have you been a part of the server and how long have you been playing Terraria? I joined a little before 2019, so ~6 months   Have you had any past experience as Staff? -Vindictus -Admin (dead)  900+ hours -Valentines -SuperAdmin (dead)  ~50 hours -Geck -SuperAdmin (dead)  ~140 hours -Valentine’s Lab! -SuperAdmin (Alive)  ~250 -ArctonVale -SuperAdmin (dead) ~130     Why do you want to become a Staff member and what has been your impact on the server? Well, my brain is hardwired for survival, and one of the ways to survive is inside a pack, and thus whenever I help out people my brain sends "happiness" signals and says Good Job Popopz, you are part of a community and have helped people. This does not work when I sit there saying "Someone has to type in this command, which I cannot do." ... fine. I'm here because I want to be an active and helping member of a community, to allow it to grow and flourish.   Notes: (Optional)
      I wish there was some actual Intelligence questions so I can Flex, so, I'll just have to work of this joke:
      When somebody calls you a Nobody, just remember: Nobody is perfect.  
    • It is a painting, you can have a look at it by doing ‘/i waldo’.
    • No, unless you want to code it for us? ;P
    • what does waldo look like?