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  1. Sadly, this is a bug caused from trying to prevent an exploit. You are now unbanned.
  2. Accepted. P.S. Sorry this is a bit late, been to busy with Finals to take a look at it.
  3. You will have to make an appeal following the format. The reason for your ban is given when joining the server.
  4. Denied. You are starting to become a very attributed member of our community, but I still believe that you need to be a bit more helpful to other players. This can be done through answering questions, helping them know about the server, and other tiny details that add up. I hope to eventually see you fit this role.
  5. Denied. While I do see you online, you rarely converse with anyone else. A key role to being a Staff member is helping out the people that ask questions and need help. So try to improve on those parts and you'll eventually see the fruits of that work.^^
  6. Denied. As you are a bit new to the server I would recommend that you become a bit more familiar with it. It would also be nice to see you expand why you want to become a helper.
  7. Denied. You are still relatively a bit new the community so I did not feel that you were ready to become a helper as of now. Become familiar with how the server functions while continuing to help people that need it and you will be on your way. Remember to be a bit more open-minded and passive towards newer players as being assertive can be negative in the long-term. P.S. As you've mentioned, use the correct format next time.
  8. Denied. You do not meet all the requirements: You will be able to reapply on 4/7.
  9. Denied. Because of the mass amounts of denied applications, I will not be considering further applications from you. I will directly message you when you will be ready for an application.
  10. And that gives you the justification to grief someone's build how? The question above still needs to be answered.
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