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  1. Denied. your builds haven't quite reached the builder level and looks like you need a bit more experience building to achieve it. Try using a bigger variety of blocks to add texture and to have a more unique look. Adding more decorations will also enhance the details of the overall build.
  2. Cy

    sad's Ban Appeal

    You 'modified' 1054 tiles which were considered grief on the account "strongman" which is registered under the same UUID/IP as yours. What reasoning did you have to do this knowing well that it's against the rules?
  3. Denied. Builds #5 and #6 are definitely at Builder level however the other builds aren't quite at par. For instance Build #2 could have gone nicely with a beach house or with Build #7 the roof could be more detailed along with more decorations. You're certainly very close to attaining Builder and should absolutely continue to try for it.
  4. Disabled until a proper fix is done.
  5. Denied. You do not meet all the requirements: 
  6. Denied. In situations within the server you have acted a bit immature and with certain events you have shown yourself to be misinformed. However, you certainly have something to work towards as it is quite possible for you to fix these issues.
  7. Denied. I believe that you need to improve your interaction with the community, you seem a bit disconnected from it. Try making more conversations with people that have common interests.
  8. Denied. More info on the Helper rank will be posted soon.
  9. Denied. You're pretty active on Discord, but being active on the server is substantially more important for beginning staff members. Having an active player that understands how the server functions is a key part for this, and I don't entirely believe that you're quite adept to that. If you have any suggestion on any changes that could improve how the server runs, feel free to make one directly to me or through Discord.
  10. Denied. While you're unquestionably very experienced and have lots of potential, I still believe you need to have more activity on the server. It's been a long-time around since you've last joined and will definitely need a refresh since a lot of things have changed since then. Definitely apply once you've become a bit more active on the server.
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