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  1. Cy

    [Denied] Acquiesceu's Builder application

    Denied. You do not meet all the requirements: You will have to wait until 3/9 for your punishment to become inactive. Furthermore, remember to put in the /pos of your builds next time. Remember to add block variation to your builds, this will allow for it to have more texture and look better. Also, there are a ton of decorations that you can mix into you builds so it can look more full and less empty.
  2. Cy

    Sketch's Ban Appeal

    Denied. 'Suck my Hairy Balls,' 'Oral vs anal Fucks,' and 'Squish my Tit' are all characters registered under your IP. You continued to join on them after being warned and kicked twice. Your ban will be inactive after an hour.
  3. Cy

    [Denied] The nerdy guy's helper application

    Denied. You have certainly been here for a long time, but as of recently you haven't been on as often. I would recommend being a bit more active on the server while continuing to help other players out^^. Also it would be nice to hear you expand on your ideas the next time around!
  4. Denied. You do not meet all the requirements:
  5. Denied. Same reason as before: Another tip would to be also helping other players while you are online.
  6. Cy

    [Denied] Dimistahatos's Helper Application

    Denied. We don't quite think your ready to become a Helper yet. Try to be a bit more mature in general and be more helpful to others in-game.
  7. T1-Freebuild.wld
  8. Denied. As mentioned by Dark: I sympathize with this statement and officially declare the people of the green race to be null of any Staff power.
  9. Denied. While you are certainly an active member of the community, you still require a bit more experience on how the server functions to fully commit to this role. Next time try to space out the format of the application so it can appear better and easier to read.
  10. Cy

    [Denied] TrippaguS's Helper Application

    Denied. The Format was not followed; some questions are missing while the answers for others are for the wrong question. e.g. You will have to re-submit the Application 1 week from now with the correct format/answers.