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  1. Cy

    [Denied] Sky, The Epic's Staff Application

    Denied. While I do see you online, you rarely converse with anyone else. A key role to being a Staff member is helping out the people that ask questions and need help. So try to improve on those parts and you'll eventually see the fruits of that work.^^
  2. Cy

    Important Topic

    why does this exist and what is this for this scares me deeply to much power in one person's hand
  3. Cy

    [Denied] Thompson's Helper Application

    Denied. As you are a bit new to the server I would recommend that you become a bit more familiar with it. It would also be nice to see you expand why you want to become a helper.
  4. Cy

    [Denied] warmtea~'s Helper Application

    Denied. You are still relatively a bit new the community so I did not feel that you were ready to become a helper as of now. Become familiar with how the server functions while continuing to help people that need it and you will be on your way. Remember to be a bit more open-minded and passive towards newer players as being assertive can be negative in the long-term. P.S. As you've mentioned, use the correct format next time.
  5. Cy

    [Denied] Thompson's Helper Application

    Denied. You do not meet all the requirements: You will be able to reapply on 4/7.
  6. Denied. Because of the mass amounts of denied applications, I will not be considering further applications from you. I will directly message you when you will be ready for an application.
  7. Cy

    [Accepted] Acquiesceu's Ban Appeal (Again)

    And that gives you the justification to grief someone's build how? The question above still needs to be answered.
  8. Cy

    [Accepted] Acquiesceu's Ban Appeal (Again)

    By behavior I was referring to your reactions to other people's criticism as well as attacking other players for no apparent reason. How will you change that?
  9. Cy

    [Accepted] Acquiesceu's Ban Appeal (Again)

    Why did you knowingly break the rules when there would be consequences? What actions will you take to prevent breaking the rules and how will your behavior change while you are on the server?
  10. Cy

    About Acquiesceu's Ban Appeal

    You'll have to reapply with it filled out for it to be considered.
  11. Cy

    [Denied] Acquiesceu's Ban Appeal

    Denied. Please fill in the the entire appeal.
  12. Cy

    [Accepted] Red Warrior's Builder Application

    Accepted. While you only have one build, I will consider it multiple as it is much larger than a normal build. I will also exclude the warn you received as it was only a tunnel. Next time around it would be better if you took non-map screenshots as they would show much more of the detail and work you put into it.
  13. Cy

    [Accepted] Jason's Ban Appeal


The recent visitors block is disabled and is not being shown to other users.