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  2. Username(s): Kurama Discord Username: Kurama / Staz Current Freebuild Rank: Bard Applying for: Builder How long have you been building?: One maybe Two years dunno :o How would you describe your builds?: Well my Builds are nothing unique or special they are pretty decent. I like building in different Styles but not too complicated. Notes: (The Sand Biome Island Build is pretty bad btw) Screenshots: (Positon of the Builds is 2260, 165)
  3. True, what is your reason to advertise on this server? Pretty much none of us will use it.
  4. -Rep Never seen this player online before, didn't follow any format, you can't apply for a real job on these forums.
  5. FeverAll Infants Acetaminophen Suppositories 6 Rectal Suppositories 80mg each (Pack of 3) Bulk Buys Tub Toys 3Pk - Pack of 6 http://pegasbaby.com/com/shop/view/176726/
  6. Last week
  7. Great builds overall.y personal favorite builds are 1, 3, and 7. I'm just wondering does wiring count tho?
  8. I'm not a lesbian

  9. Denied. your builds haven't quite reached the builder level and looks like you need a bit more experience building to achieve it. Try using a bigger variety of blocks to add texture and to have a more unique look. Adding more decorations will also enhance the details of the overall build.
  10. Username(s): SpeeQz Discord Username: Uxpee Current Freebuild Rank: Builder Applying for: Engineer How long have you been building?: About half an year. How would you describe your builds?: I may be repeating myself like in the previous application but I build my builds based on how lazy I am because in fact they are random ideas i came up with. Also i suck at building mechanical builds. Notes: (None) Screenshots: The guitar and casino mini games can be located by going to either /warp guitar or /warp casino. For the island with the AFK statues use /warp afk . For the other builds unfortunately they are again in older maps but in the more recent ones like. And for the snow cabin the position is (5924, 441)
  11. well anyways afk and cya later (i hope cy accepts it by the morning) - mrPigronFishThing
  12. Just gonna AFK in the forums and in the server u cant box me unless ur staff
  13. Earlier
  14. Your builds definitely have a cohesive style. GL!
  15. That's not Eskimo village, that's The First Dynasty House.
  16. mrPigronFishThing, that Eskimo Village snapshot has me in it. Oof.
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