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[Denied] Enderlord's Ban Appeal

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Hello, this is Enderlord and I’m asking to be unbanned. I know I’m banned because mike reported me for trashing his build that gave him builder rank. I however ,honestly did not know that was even build and am very very sorry. I just saw that build whalie searching for a place to build one day and it looked damedged and had no sign that said who the owner was. I know someone like mike built it but I honestly bought that he or she abandoned it or something and left it here, so I claimed it as my own. The reason I didn’t say I didn’t tknow because mike Was bullying me and said my build were trash, which also hurt my feelings. The only reason mike hates me anyways is because of the stupid fact that I can’t build. I even only complied to him because I though he and other were taking up the server and kept on chrashing me. I also wanted to help mike become a fighter because mike did not fight in pvp or pve. Even when I staled these disputes, he still was bullying me so I had to fight back, because I was scared of what happened. Th wonky reason I came to this server is to play with my best friend who I haven’t seen in 2 years and we came here because we couldn’t find any other mtiplyer options. I was going to start my own serve to play with my friend pirivatly but I can’t because I’m banned. So please, unban me, Enderlord, I promise I will leave mike and even the Server forever to Make my own server so I can just play with my friend and won’t let stuff like this happen ever again. How would you feel it if you lost a loved one, or good friend or object/carrear/etc for a long time and then when you work so hard to get it back, some jerk and some accident sets you back to zero. So please, unban me , Enderlord, please unban Enderlord. (Me)



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