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Jeren the Builder's Ban Appeal


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Username: jeren the builder

Which Dimension(s) were you banned on: all

Ban Reason: Misbehavior, i dont know what i did because i havent been on in a month

Was The Ban Fair? Did You Break It Knowingly?:i think the ban was fair but i did not break it knowingly

Why should you be unbanned?: i think i should be unbanned because i make building videos and i get most of my matierals from the items area. I also practice my building in the free build Dimension and i dont know what i did to get banned.

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You were banned for spam-advertising on an alt on the server. Advertising is stated to be not allowed in the rules.


Fellow players asked you to stop as well, but you still continued. Do you understand why you were banned for this?

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  • Cy changed the title to Jeren the Builder's Ban Appeal

I get framed Aon my b-day as a matter of fact to get some partu supplies for a b-day world come to realise tjat i am banned.then i started to cry.after crying for a bit i thought i hot banned because i put a sight my someones build thay said jeren was here.then i destroyed it.and now i know its is hecause. I made a bot. I DONT WVEN KNOQ HOW TO MAKE A BOT

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