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[Denied] (SoloPvE,Builder Of The Lands) Ban Appeal

Guest SoloPvE

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Guest SoloPvE
SoloPvE and Builder Of The Lands

Which Dimension(s) were you banned on?: (All / Freebuild / Other)

Ban Reason:
Hacked client(God mode, 100x dmg buff) and Being toxic

Ban Length:

Was the ban fair? Did you break the rules knowingly?: (Provide a reason)
Yes and No, Yes because i was using a hacked client (towards the hacker to get SS of him hacking and being toxic(towards hacker)

I did Break the rules by using a hacked client and being toxic.

Why should you be unbanned?:

I wasn't using it on anyone else it was just to catch the hacker i was gonna turn it all off after to return back to PvE but i was banned after the SS was taken.

Sorry for breaking the rules, I knew i shouldn't have hacked but i had to do something.

(SS of me hitting the hacker doing 7k+ dmg below)




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  • Cy changed the title to (SoloPvE,Builder Of The Lands) Ban Appeal

Even if you had good intentions in using a modified client, the rules clearly state that you shouldn't be using one. If you find a player to have a modified client you don't need to use a client to prove they have one as well, you can take a short clip of them using the said client, or notify staff via /report. Excessively reacting to the player is exactly the reply they're looking for, it's always best to stay calm and collected in situations like these.

Do you understand the reasons that I've listed and agree to comply with them?

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As stated above, you had positive intentions.... At least thats what you told us.
Further digging results in finding you being disabled on PvE for damaging over 9999, which is not possible in any vanilla instance, period.

The result of that should be pretty obvious..

Denied, you have been dishonest in your appeal and in your "arguing" on the discord. Also, any appeal made within the next 3 weeks will be denied, you need some time to rethink how you approach this.

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  • Cy changed the title to [Denied] (SoloPvE,Builder Of The Lands) Ban Appeal
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