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[Denied] ServerBot's Ban Appeal

Guest ServerBot

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Guest ServerBot
Username: ServerBot

Which Dimension(s) were you banned on?: (All / Freebuild / Other)

Ban Reason:

Ban Length:

Was the ban fair? Did you break the rules knowingly?: (Provide a reason)
The ban was unfair, because I did not I was griefing. I started by breaking a small cloud that had nothing on it and then I thought the cloud above me was empty and it was another small empty cloud so I broke into it but When I dug to the top I realized that it was someones island.

Why should you be unbanned?: I should be unbanned because I didn't mean to do any harm to anyone's creation, and I apologized to the owner of the island and I was helping the people on the island build earlier before the ban. I hope you will consider unbanning me because I was really start to enjoy freebuild.
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