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  1. Even if you had good intentions in using a modified client, the rules clearly state that you shouldn't be using one. If you find a player to have a modified client you don't need to use a client to prove they have one as well, you can take a short clip of them using the said client, or notify staff via /report. Excessively reacting to the player is exactly the reply they're looking for, it's always best to stay calm and collected in situations like these. Do you understand the reasons that I've listed and agree to comply with them?
  2. What member shop are you speaking of?
  3. Denied. It seems you haven't joined the server in the past 20 days.
  4. This world has been corrupted due to unknown reasons. Because of this the most updated version of it has been saved as a schematic. Steps: TShock Download How to setup a TShock server After setting up a TShock server you will need to put the following .dll (plugin) into the ServerPlugins folder. World Edit Download After restarting the server there should be a new folder named worldedit. Place the schematic-FreebuildWorld.dat into it. You will then need to execute the following to paste in the updated world: /reload //all //schem load FreebuildWorld //paste schematic-FreebuildWorld.dat T1-_Freebuild.wld
  5. Cy

    please help!

    You'll have to tell me which map it's from and the position of where it is on that map.
  6. You were using 'Godmode' while PvP was enabled. The fact that your health did not decrease in any form was the reason that you got banned. With this in mind, why did you use a Modified Client, while it's clearly stated in the rules that it is not allowed?
  7. Cy


    I would recommend Plastic Memories if you want something to watch after.
  8. Denied. your builds haven't quite reached the builder level and looks like you need a bit more experience building to achieve it. Try using a bigger variety of blocks to add texture and to have a more unique look. Adding more decorations will also enhance the details of the overall build.
  9. Cy

    sad's Ban Appeal

    You 'modified' 1054 tiles which were considered grief on the account "strongman" which is registered under the same UUID/IP as yours. What reasoning did you have to do this knowing well that it's against the rules?
  10. Denied. Builds #5 and #6 are definitely at Builder level however the other builds aren't quite at par. For instance Build #2 could have gone nicely with a beach house or with Build #7 the roof could be more detailed along with more decorations. You're certainly very close to attaining Builder and should absolutely continue to try for it.
  11. Disabled until a proper fix is done.

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