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    This is a little bday gif for Exe I'm giving him today- I just finished it-
  2. Oh yeah and happy early bday to Exe-

  3. Its better than my godforsaken Ex comin back
  4. Suy: So are we flirting right now? Exe: I AM LITERALLY STABBING YOU Suy: That doesn’t answer my question
  5. Suy: I want to wake up with you every day for the rest of our lives Exe: I wake up at 4:30 AM Suy: Suy: I want to see you at some point every day for the rest of our lives
  6. You're not a real god lmao
  7. Zu: Good responses for being stabbed with a knife? Cy: Rude. Exe: That’s fair. Suy: Not again. Narps: Are you going to want this back?
  8. Tell me this isn't true, I dare you. Zu: *Posts a super low-quality image to the group chat* Cy: If I had a dollar for every pixel in this image, I’d have 15 cents Zu: If I had a dollar for every ounce of rage I felt in my body after I read this text, I would have enough money to buy a cannon to fire at you Exe: Actually I did the math, Cy would have $225, not $0.15. Cy: Fam I’m right here.... Suy: If I had a dollar I would buy a can of soda 🙂 Zu: while you’re there could you buy me an apply juice please? Suy: Sorry I only have a dollar Zu: 😞 Exe: Hey I just realized my friend is
  9. Zu: Hewwo. Cy: Hihiiiiii! Exe: Greetings, Humans. Narps: Three kinds of people. Suy: I want pudding. Zu: Four kinds of people. Timeless: WHAT’S UP FUCKERS? Narps: Five kinds of people.
  10. Zu: You kidnapped Cy? That’s illegal! Exe: But Zu, what’s more illegal? Briefly inconveniencing Cy, or destroying our dreams? Zu: Kidnapping Cy, Exe!!! Suy: Zu, listen, whatever I may think of you right now- these guys are counting on you to inspire them! Zu: What, to kidnap people?!?! Suy: To work together! Zu: TO KIDNAP PEOPLE?!?!?!?! Narps: Zu, we all agreed a celebrity is a not a people.
  11. ...I love this. Zu: Anyone d- Exe: Depressed? Cy: Drained? Suy: Dumb? Narps: Disliked? Zu: -done with their work... what is wrong with you people ...
  12. Suy: What if the person who named Walkie Talkies named everything? Narps: Pregnancy tests are Maybe Babies Cy: Socks are Feetie Heaties Zu: Forks are Stabby Grabbies Narps: Defibrillators are Heartie Starties Cy: Nightmares are Dreamy Screamies Zu: Stamps are Lickie Stickies Exe, annoyed: You are disappointments I learned I can change the names before copypasta-
  13. Emmy: *Screams* Suy: *Screams louder to assert dominance* Zuan: Should we do something?! Exe, observing: No, I want to see who wins this.
  14. -The rp cast in a nutshell- Suy, about Exe: Apparently we’re getting someone new in the group. Yaki: Are we stealing them? Zu: New or used? Suy: Wonderful responses, both of you.
  15. Ooh- this ones kinda true- Zu: What’s something you guys are better than Alex at? Jinora: Mario Kart. Narps: Yeah, video games. Suy: Emotional vulnerability.
  16. Suy: I’ve done a lot of dumb stuff. Narps: I witnessed the dumb stuff. Exe: I recorded the dumb stuff. Zu: I joined in on the dumb stuff. Cy: I TRIED TO STOP YOU FROM DOING THE DUMB STUFF!!!
  17. Amugus - *Everyone is standing around the broken coffee maker* Red: So. Who broke it? I'm not mad, I just wanna know. Everyone: Black: ...I did. I broke it. Red: No. No you didn't. Blue? Blue: Don't look at me. Look at White. White: What?! I didn't break it. Blue: Huh, that's weird. How'd you even know it was broken? White: Because it's sitting right in front of us and it's broken. Blue: Suspicious. White: No, it's not! Green: If it matters, probably not, but Pink was the last one to use it. Pink: Liar! I don't even drink that crap! Green: Oh really? Then what were you doing
  18. Then there is no god, for Cy never comes on anymore.
  19. Something about stardust and cows right?
  20. I dont think kids understand how to do that, and that they even exist-
  21. I'm gunna worried instead-

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