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  1. Dark Person

    [Accepted] Megaman's Helper Application

    +REP Member of the community for a long time, ok builder Totally doesn't plagiarise. -Neutral Changed his name from S0N1C meaning he's edgy -REP Doesn't use the nickname function on discord and just changes his name.
  2. Dark Person

    [Denied] Greathistoriannoname's Staff Application

    *Correction hasn't been 1 week yet also, you still need to wait 2 months for your punishment to become inactive.
  3. Dark Person

    WTS Smeeta and Adarza Imprints

    Who let satan create animals?
  4. Dark Person

    [Denied] Greathistoriannoname's Staff Application

    +Rep seen this guy around a lot, seems like he'd be a good staff member ~Neutral his answer to past experience as staff -Rep re-applied to quickly after getting denied (hasn't been 2 months yet) Skipped over a question
  5. So, I was playing CS:GO the other day and i was checking out the new Danger Zone, Battle Royal, mode. I'm interested in what's your opinion on that? Also, CS:GO has gone F2P With users who bought the game before it went free receiving a free upgrade to CS:GO prime account. Previously you could only get prime by registering a phone number and some other factors. Whats your opinion on this? And finally, do you feel that you were scammed by buying the game? Is prime really worth it?