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  1. A pitch black room with nothing but the edge of Cy's finger with the flashlight on
  2. Yes I know, I made an updated one so it has my better and more recent builds.
  3. The new & Improved Application is created https://terraria.one/index.php?/forums/topic/488-solorions-engineer-application-updated/
  4. Username: Solorion Discord username: Soʅ Current Freebuild rank: Builder Applying for: Engineer How long have you been building?: 1 year+ How would you describe your builds?: Very detailed and good Notes: this is the 2nd version of this application, hope this is better than the last one. I also hope the positive support on me getting the rank will improve the outcome and overall my internal & endless happiness 😄 Build showcase:
  5. That was not the first chunk error or 2021 lmao
  6. I ask yuh If I can build it for yuh
  7. Rune wall isnt good for builds that have an old quiet vibe
  8. I love the last one. the detail is perfect and the shading is amazing good luck (Builder apps go burr)
  9. Nice build. Although it could use some work Add more blocks (preferably actuated stone) to the wall.
  10. Also builder applications are on pause lol.

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T1: Lobby

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