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[Denied] Fazbeargamer993 Ban Appeal


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Which Dimension(s) were you banned on?: (All / Freebuild / Other)

Ban Reason: Weirdo & Sexual behaviour

Was the ban fair? Did you break the rules knowingly?: (Provide a reason)
The ban was fair yes (at least the second part because we're all weird), and I did break the rules knowingly.

Why should you be unbanned?:
Over the last what, 3, 4 months? I've managed to change how I joke around. I don't do NSFW jokes anymore and avoid NSFW chat. 
If I hurt anyone by saying those jokes then I am truly sorry.
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Denied. Your previous presence in the community has left quite a scar to other users, as well as the way the community behaves altogether. There is no real way to simply believe you saying 'I have changed', as it is quite easy to fall back into natural behavior with a rather childish community to back it up.

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