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The grand list of suggestions


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1. Freebuild
2. The Traveler toxicity problem

3. Lately Travelers have been giving us a very hard time to be on the server without having one of them talking shit to us. and many people are complaining about it.

Freeze them so they cant move or see other people chating the only message they can see is:

To Register use /register [Username] {password} Then login using /login [Username] {password}



1. Make the @Nexus#6833 bot work again

2. Make @Freebuild#1265 & @Freebuild+#1961 stop dying every day

3. Start working on PvP and PvE and revive the @PvP#5637 and @PvE#4231 bots as a lot of people have been asking for this for a while now

4. Finish the section labled W.I.P because it has been like that since August of last year and probably longer


1. Add the NPC's into the space where they are supposed to be

2. Make the target dummies work


1. Make it so that the Target Dummies also work and show dps because we want to test out all kinds of broken stuff

2. Make it so /ju all does all the items from as well

3. Fix /bm enable maptp because maptp is broken


1. Make it so that way people that aren't Builder or up can go into it but not build and just view the others work


Add npcs to the item dimension


reduce the sensitivity of the tunnelling prevention for trusted/higher ranked users, ill often try to dig out a spot for a build only to get teleported back to spawn and have to find my way back


1. Fix /house define. It's bugged. I tried making a region just now and it said it defined the region. I did /rvn to make sure it worked and there was no region there. Another issue I had was when I tried to region an empty area ready for building, it just made a one block region and I couldnt delete it. 2. Maybe make the maximum size for regions bigger? Maybe increase it to 150 blocks or something


give us a huge area where the community can build a memorial / or give us a memorial 


go trough the applications because sol really wants engi






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I could agree with all of these, but i had to exclude "/ju having items"
since freebuild only has /ju and not other dimensions such as /items
and fb's main version (at the time i post this is, i think theres going to be compatibility issues

Or Cy COULD troubleshoot it by detecting a players version and only allowing specific items from versions they were in
for example, if someone is using, and does /ju <insert 1.4.1 item> it would say "Your current version of terraria does not have this item."

But yeah overall, these suggestions should be made.

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On 4/23/2021 at 3:16 PM, Suyiko-sama said:

Do you think Cy actually looks at these?

Currently Cy looks at nothing regarding t1 but when he returns I am sure he can use this as a starting help to catch up on the suggestions.

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