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    • I vote yes These are very mind-intensive (for those who haven't played these before) and require a sh!t tonne of thought Daedalus_2 is a very capable builder and mechanic, I don't now what else to say This is original stuff, and he's quite the man I probably don't have a vote but I'm just saying, this man deserves Builder. (I'm TheVortexSupernova btw)
    • isnt the tree in the third image made by pickle rick, or did you demolish it and try to make one yourself
    • Username: Daedalus_2 Discord Username: Estebantrululu Current Freebuild Rank: Courier Applying for: Builder How long have you been building?: Since terraria 1.0; creating mazes with only one wire color was way more difficult How would you describe your builds?: Labyrinths, logic mazes. Also, hell (at least one of them) Notes: (Optional) I understand that builder requires 5 builds. However, my mazes require a lot of work, at least a week each, and they are more than simple buildings, they provide experiences very different to other builds. I would argue (not very strongly, but I would try to argue) that the maze and the wiring are two different builds. If the amount of builds is not enough, I will build something else to complete the 5, but certainly not mazes, and way less intricate than this. The hexagon is not complete yet, is a 2-person maze, but every pair of beta testers have failed to solve it without my help. It will be probably the hardest challenge I've built. Also, my first 2 mazes have a part that is broken because statues no longer spawn mobs and I had designed them so that the player required the help of the mobs. Cy, can you make my statues functional, please? pretty please? 😟 They are positioned at (6251, 1260), (5555, 640) and (303, 1036)
    • Username(s): The Granite Lord Discord Username: Xiăoxióngmāo#9272 Current Freebuild Rank: Knight Applying for: Builder How long have you been building?: 2 years How would you describe your builds?: I'm proud of them but I don't know if they are good. Notes: (Optional) Screenshots: Pic 1: 5483, 258 Pic 2: 5514, 220 Pic 3: 5573, 208 Pic 4: 5121, 94 Pic 5: 5575, 244
    • bruhhh just unbanme wtf its free and also i didnt griefed or hacked -.-

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T1: Lobby

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