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  1. Username:fungus Which Dimension(s) were you banned on?: Freebuild Ban Reason:Server lagging and repeated spam offences Was the ban fair? Did you break the rules knowingly?: I just joined this server today because it was reccomended to me by a friend (not going to leak friend) and when i accidentally walked on the Freebuild teleporter, it said i was banned forever by Redtream. I didn't break any rules whatsoever. Why should you be unbanned?: As I have stated before, I wasn't allowed access to Freebuild even though i never joined the server before. This isnt really a good response but i
  2. this isnt really a ban appeal since i have no knowledge of the events and therefore i can not provide evidence to support my claim.
  3. so when i try and go into freebuild it says i was banned forever by someone named Redtream for griefing and lagging the server? i just joined today because it was freebuild and have no idea what is going on.

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T1: Lobby

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