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  1. Thank you! I'm not sure how to edit the application, so I'll include the other 5 builds below. Pos in order of the photos. (i messed them up in original app so these are the fixed pos) (4222 east, 1150 space (Nova gave some tips, added the tiny boat) ) (1988 west, 210 surface) (1997 east, 207 surface) (2289 east, 237 surface (Nova gave tips, also helped)) (3714 west, 265 surface)
  2. clarification in my builder app i began actually making semi-semi-decent builds 2 years ago but 3 years ago i actually got interested and attempted building ] 🙂
  3. Username(s): localgamestop Discord Username: I don't have discord, unable to have it. Current Freebuild Rank: Builder Applying for: Engineer How long have you been building?: Ever since I was 8 I began getting into terraria building. My building really spiked when I joined T1, about a month and a half ago, and messed with the freebuild server. Ever since my builds have just improved, thanks to so many people. How would you describe your builds?: Decent, but I still have a lot of room to improve in many different areas. Notes: (Optional) I'm only showing 3 of my builds because they are my most recent and best. I'll include the pos of the other 5. Screenshots:* The 2 desert underground houses, 1986 east, 86 surface is where it starts (Nova helped with many tips and he did the roof on the big house). island with big tree at 2045 east, 1244 space (Zuanius and SpeezQ helped), floating island with house is located 1854 east (Rina and Zuanius helped), 1152 space. Other builds are located at (4222 east, 1150 space) (4072 east, 3074 underworld) (1997 east, 207 surface) (3714 west, 265 surface) (2289 east, 237 surface (Nova gave tips, also helped))
  4. Username(s): localgamestop Discord Username: None, don't have Discord Current Freebuild Rank: Knight Applying for: Builder How long have you been building?: I started really caring about how my builds looked 2 years ago, and my builds have just improved ever since. How would you describe your builds?: Somewhat decent. I prefer my nature builds much more then my house-type builds, which makes my nature builds much better then my house builds. Notes: (Optional) The ocean build did have some slight help and additions from Red Warrior, Nova, and the torch designs in every build are by Kiwi. Nova also critiqued the tree and added the platform, better looking leaves and some of the variation in the wood. Screenshots:* Ocean build starts at 7541 east, Jungle Village starts at 3828 east, (both on surface) the desert underground build starts at 1645 east, 64 underground. The desert bridge starts at 1319 east (on the surface), and the treehouse starts at 262 east/
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