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  1. A centaur has 4 legs and 2 arms. An insect has 6 legs. If you would say that legs are like arms that would also mean that we humans with 2 arms and 2 legs are like a dog with 4 legs. Another thing to add would be that an octupus with 8 arms and 2 tentacles is nearly a spider. + Insects cant regulate their temperature but ma,mmals can. Actually I am wondering now how a centaur would feed its baby? Horse or human body?
  2. If you go by volume I have to disagree. Look at Yuri. She is not only bigger than natsuki but also the biggest. Her volume in: "best girl m3" is big Yuris best girl m3 > Natsuki best girl m3 Therefore Yuris is just better
  3. Currently Cy looks at nothing regarding t1 but when he returns I am sure he can use this as a starting help to catch up on the suggestions.
  4. ---------------------------------------- 1. Freebuild 2. The Traveler toxicity problem 3. Lately Travelers have been giving us a very hard time to be on the server without having one of them talking shit to us. and many people are complaining about it. Freeze them so they cant move or see other people chating the only message they can see is: To Register use /register [Username] {password} Then login using /login [Username] {password} ---------------------------------------- [Discord] 1. Make the @Nexus#6833 bot work again 2. Make @Freebuild#1265 &a
  5. but its good for mythical builds and the color isnt that vibrant anymore
  6. Some builds are a bit on the small side or a bit "empty" like the train, but still good job and also good luck 🙂
  7. Very cool builds. I especially love the blue one and the dungeon. Good luck! (Also runewall in white is a good idea I might copy)
  8. Vote: yes Actually good builds, especially the first on. We need more of those in t1
  9. Well the builds should be from the t1 freebuild, but I still hope that whoever does the applications now in the mod team shut one eye because they are engi worthy. Good luck!
  10. Good luck even tho I dont think you need luck by that building skill!
  11. Username(s): Bee-Man Discord Username: Zetkrum Current Freebuild Rank: Jester Applying for: Builder How long have you been building?: about a month How would you describe your builds?: Builds are either Bee related or random. Notes: Screenshot 1 is the first build I made on the Server, Screenshot 2... (you can kinda see how my buildstyle evolved) Screenshots: 2664, 539 3325, 544 4075, 403 6118, 394 3314, 148

T1: Lobby

T1: Lobby

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