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  1. Username(s): Leah-Mae Discord Username: None Current Freebuild Rank: Bard Applying for: Builder How long have you been building?: 2-3 years How would you describe your builds?: I mostly use brick, granite and marble but I will use other materials to make it look unique. Notes: I do building for fun cause It's apart of visual arts and I like visual arts Screenshots: Here are 5 of my best builds,
  2. Leah-Mae


    Episode 18 of Carole & Tuesday ended sad ? Here are some good anime to watch in my opinion ? One Punch Man Bleach Full-Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Attack on Titans  [PAS] Carole & Tuesday - 18 (WEB 720p AAC) [7FB08725].srt - eng(2).srt
  3. I'm not a lesbian

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