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  1. {Hjonk} to pay respect ?
  2. i think that's gonna be a huge problem for this application sadly you needed one account only
  3. Username(s):HIVgamer Discord Username:????????#3048 Current Freebuild/PvE Rank: Courier/Adventurer Lvl 2 How old are you?: 17 What is your timezone?: EET How active are you on the server? (Hours per day/week): {2 to 4 hours per day} How long have you been a part of the server and how long have you been playing Terraria?: {i have been a part of terraria.one for over a year now}/{i have been playing terraria since 2016} Have you had any past experience as Staff?: {none i have no experience as staff} Why do you want to become a Staff
  4. we shall take over NONE shall oppose US!
  5. (X) doubt cy will let u be staff or trainee but good luck anyway!
  6. you do need to be more active though but I do agree T1 is in need of a very active staff member
  7. hi


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    2. mrPigronFishThing


      yes its very annoying

    3. I have problem

      I have problem

      mhm but learning is not that bad though I like to learn new things but schools just ruin learning for me tbh

    4. mrPigronFishThing

T1: Lobby

T1: Lobby

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