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  1. Username(s): Zim Discord Username: Zim, Jer#5555, liberal liberator, honestly no clue Current Freebuild/PvE Rank: Guest Applying for: Superadmin How active are you on the server? (Hours per day/week) 0h/month What is your timezone? UTC-5 How old are you? Literally born yesterday. How long have you been a part of the server and how long have you been playing Terraria? About 24 hours. Have you had any past experience as Staff? None Why do you want to become a Staff member and what has been your impact on the server? I think I can do a good job. Make terrariaone great again! Notes: (Optional) I'd put notes. But there is no way you'd be able to read my handwriting.
  2. Got some epic music that you just gotta put in some forum somewhere? Well you're in luck! Because here is somewhere.
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