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  1. Denied. As stated in previous applications by other people, I am really looking for detail and originality. All that you have brought to this application seems to be a concept already created by someone else or a recreation of an ingame biome. If you want to re-apply at a later time I suggest looking back to other applications that have been accepted and checking out what the reason was why they got accepted. Another tip would be to ask existing builders for tips and using a bigger pallet to build with.
  2. You stated: ¨I think ... like Medusa.¨. Was the build you tried to modify your own or someone elses? I am not sure what you mean with this statement.
  3. Denied. The concepts you tried to bring us are dull and miss a lot of detail. If you want to get better and re-apply at a later time, you should ask builders for advice and how to increase the overall looks of your builds.
  4. Denied. I am not really impressed with your creations. The builds I am most interested in are all a repetition of eachother or something I have already seen a lot from other builders. I would like to see some originality and/or a concept that you have thought of yourself. Something that could help is trying out unique shapes and funky block pallets. (Little tip: Don´t rush your application, take your time to avoid this mess where you had to add the positions later on. If there is anything you don´t know for sure theres always someone who can answer your questions ingame or on Discord.)
  5. Denied,. Your builds need a lot more detail, these are all very bare. If you would want to reapply at a later time, please ask builders for advice. Try to learn the tricks they use or use internet references if you still have a hard time.
  6. Denied, you have not been registered for over 2 weeks.
  7. I've seen the spaceman, no worries. I will make sure to take it into account. Good luck!
  8. Accepted. There is a minimum requirement of more builds than you have posted, but due to having given your aid in both fb spawn(s) and PVP, your application is valid.
  9. Denied, even though you have improved, there is still much to learn before you can go up a notch to become engineer. As a builder, I suggest adding not directly more detail, but more realism & originality to your builds. Making floors thicker, the "dead" tree having actual branches instead of sticky fingers and giving the landscape around your builds a unique touch.
  10. Denied. Even though I like your originality, the way you express it doesn't show much skill. For example: the ship you built is all over the place. I don't really know where to look as it doesn't make sense (e.g. the minecart tracks, overly colored walls & wooden beams as support). The plantera bulb might be the best build in this list, I suggest using that as reference for future builds. In case you would want to reapply, I suggest asking other builders for any advice on how to up your skill. Positive criticism is very helpful.

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