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  1. We still breathe air up to date!
  2. Sag

    still here

    ech on deez nuts
  3. dunker is the only moderator which is epic funny !!!
  4. Fix /bm enable maptp because maptp is broken also either it might have a stroke if you overuse it (yes that happens for me)
  5. I could agree with all of these, but i had to exclude "/ju having items" since freebuild only has /ju and not other dimensions such as /items and fb's main version (at the time i post this is, i think theres going to be compatibility issues Or Cy COULD troubleshoot it by detecting a players version and only allowing specific items from versions they were in for example, if someone is using, and does /ju <insert 1.4.1 item> it would say "Your current version of terraria does not have this item." But yeah overall, these suggestions should be made.
  6. Cy our beloved lord 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
  7. ↸⋮⍊ʖᔑ⚍╎⍊iᒷ∴⍊ᒷ∴ ⍊╎ᒷ∴⊣ ⍊ᒷ∴⊣ ⍊ᒷ⊣⚍∴⍊ ᒷ↸ʖʖ↸∴╎ᑑ?
  8. I really want to /place to come back because I need to put natural tiles and objects in my builds, but ever since the t1 1.4 Update, that command disappeared, if you are still working and inserting the tiles in the command, I'll wait for it to return.

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T1: Lobby

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