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  1. Asuna from SAO, or Nezuko from Demon slayer, both are hawt
  2. How does someone get Exe to respond to you-
  3. Breathing was invented 2.5 billion years ago: People before 2.5 billion years ago: *Dead*
  4. No she aint, she's too clingy, like ew
  5. Also a girl that likes to bake is *chef's kiss*
  6. Honestly, desperate people aren't my type, so Monika and Yuri are horrible for that, CLEARLY hard-to-get is best, Natsuki wins u-u
  7. Do you think Cy actually looks at these?
  8. Well youre gunna have to rebuild it then .-.
  9. Story time Once I got so worried about Exe I was self-doubting myself It stressed Exe out more than he already was So now the relationships kinda akward And he hasn't talked since Please help me.
  10. He's been vibin on my padlet lately as a mod, he's doing well so far.

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T1: Lobby

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