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  1. we should rename this topic to be "the funny"
  2. ok now post more funny scripts
  3. solor stop turning this engineer application into an architect application, your power is too beyond
  4. yeah explain that to kids downloading hacked characters and attempting to use them on a server
  5. so the last april fools joke was the fake ping attached to the discord server’s pfp. what should we come up with for 2021’s april fools?
  6. clearly the players are not really bots; they are just lads irl connected to different ips and then realizing they get banned for using a hacked character
  7. tho there are other variants out there and they did the same before
  8. no if they have the word “summon” in their name thats basically a hacked summoner character basically they use terrasavr (possibly) and then decide to buff the character with summoner buffs thats more than one for longer hours, and sometimes they would use the stardust plate (more than one) on access slots.
  9. please im going to be honest but there are tons of players banned with the same name as godmode summon, just from different ips. im going to believe that those are hacked characters, but i do think blacklisting the spammy usernames on the ban list would reduce these limits. it fills the entire page most of the time, along with others. please stop this
  10. so you just put some toast into your pet toaster with love spreaded on them for this??????
  11. 2/17/21 11:49 PM EST: why am i still awake... just using a phone.. and looking up some interesting things on it.. and i have to sit through this 1-2 week hiatus.. maybe my life has gone wild.

  12. update on my discord retirement:

    coming back on 2/13/21 yay

  13. you need to become/shapeshift into a toaster to feel the true love.
  14. retiring from discord, will depend if i should come back.

  15. do it. just do it. its your own choice.
  16. alright, nexus dimension needs to be fixed now, its just being an idiot these days because of the appearances of player's characters

T1: Lobby

T1: Lobby

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