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  1. ok what even is this website theme .-.

  2. btw just to be aware that i didnt transfer region ownership to him, he just wants to live near my zlab lol anyways good luck
  3. Zuanius

    Quote DNA

    wait what h o w
  4. is the discord server down for u?

    1. Zuanius


      nah it isnt down for me

    2. die


      o frick that means that me and taco dealer r both either banned or kicked

  5. Zuanius


  6. all the build screenshots do look cool, with the exception of using a little bit of detail, but ill just say they're good. good luck! btw i dont know you ingame lol
  7. Zuanius

    Le Fishi

    all hail the le f i s h
  8. Zuanius

    Help me

    as i said last month ago, port 7776 is offline. if you are able to get terraria on pc via steam you may join port 7777. therefore, we may open port 7776 in the future once mobile gets updated to 1.4. oh, and m.terraria.one is still online, except the server may become full.
  9. screenshots 1 and 5 will need to have improvement. the first screenshot has almost no detail at all, and it doesnt have decor. screenshot 5 is quite nice, except you'll have to figure out a better selection of decor and detail to it.
  10. Zuanius

    Help me

    clearly, they had to close port 7776 due to the lack of major tshock changes. plus freebuild was added in port 7777 so they should need to fix some bugs before they reopen port 7776 again. i might be wrong so uh yeah lol
  11. ok and oh, and did you actually drew that pfp lol

T1: Lobby

T1: Lobby

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