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  1. also, please stop putting random things in the thread title. its pretty much a weird thing to do lol
  2. i am currently sure that these builds are less likely going to be b2. there isnt alot of building variation to it, check the other accepted engineer applications for any ideas or tips. but, im just going to say, good luck.
  3. this is the 420th forum thread wtf
  4. just get brown paint and a paint roller and paint the glass windows its simple duh
  5. why are the glass windows not dirt windows thats a mistake for a dirt house
  6. oh and we better have the church of cy build in freebuild hehe
  7. i bet this topic here is gonna have over 69 replies god dang it just dont let the topic get pinned because of this
  8. good luck narps, some of the builds do need a slight improvement but good luck! also, cy is our god and we shall pray to him lol
  9. all of the builds you've shown do lack on the detail and texture. i dont see any building skills on every build ive seen. i recommend seeing other's builder applications that are accepted already to get any build skill that would improve your build style. if you would like for me to send you an example of a build i made (rn im on hiatus, this posted has already been made on 9/5/2020), you can always reply to my message.

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T1: Lobby

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