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  1. (i am not a moderator but i know what is going on) pretty much you had a ban that was made a long time ago, thus you probably did something pretty bad. you can appeal btw
  2. hero NO. JUST NO. also good luck
  3. im sorry but please do not post something like this that isnt an application you are in the wrong zone lad
  4. can echdeath breathe
  5. Zuanius

    still here

    yes the person below that writes a msg will let the 2nd person write a pun over it, and goes on and on. person 1 writes a msg > 2nd person below the 1st person’s comment writes a pun > 3rd person writes another pun over the 2nd person. (GOD THIS IS CONFUSING)
  6. Write a public message on Zuanius's feed...

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    2. Suyiko-sama


      ...Zu I need dating advice...

    3. Suyiko-sama


      JuMp In tHe CaAc

    4. Zuanius



  7. god why does this picture look like them devouring spaghetti
  8. Zuanius


    more ech
  9. what should we do now of almost everyone staring at this thread
  10. even cy is staring at it too
  11. THIS IS UNREAL almost everyone is staring at this post run
  12. if you are bored you can just post weird stories you have here, id like to read them
  13. when im on discord hiatus: BRUH NOW IM NOT GREAT

T1: Lobby

T1: Lobby

    You don't have permission to chat.
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