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  1. just quote your empty quote
  2. no, not fricking good we lost chat codes we can't look cool around noobs anymore
  3. Wow, our Lord Nova has noticed meh *starts humming Russian anthem*
  4. [c/0000ff:colored text *sniff* is no longer with us we shall pay respecc to colored text and annihilate cy for removing it]
  5. Unit 10067

    Le Fishi

    i got my leetel fishi, comment down below to respecc a fishi also, tight pants are overrated
  6. Ever since he covered the NOROBMOSS sign, he got a several day ban, so keep your eyes out for that Rob Moss
  7. my dimension idea is like a giant cheat sheet dimension but, with there being a no mods rule it would have to be like the item frames
  8. yes, i drew this pfp, i'm working on another pfp that's better
  9. I mean you get the ability to have no wait time to summon Mobs, NPCs, or Bosses, i mean like a Free-For-All dimension where nothing (except hacking and exploits) would be monitored, AT ALL.
  10. I will never grief and/or mess with other players' build's if you're wondering. That is over with, and I apologize for my mistakes. -Unit 10067

T1: Lobby

T1: Lobby

    You don't have permission to chat.
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