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Dark Person

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  1. Dark Person

    please help!

    Nyan has done that before, you have to ask nicely and tell them roughly where it was
  2. ever heard of hoik + boomerang?
  3. @Nando you now have to pay @Zuanius for the PRIVILEGE of having his build slightly in your image
  4. +REP | Seems like some nice art, and your the first person to use tags on forums ~REP | Does pixel art count for builder?
  5. Normal People: Making a normal application Sery & Blanc:
  6. /ai is inaccurate as when Freebuild updated it's ranks it deleted all accounts
  7. Builder: Tisu Engineer: Tisumida Architect: Tisumida-Chan
  8. Dark Person

    Where's Waldo?

    close the thread @mod
  9. Buildings seem good, just curious, what time zone?

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