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  1. Could you take a snapshot? press f1 and left click in the top of your build then right click in the bottom right. Then after taking the snapshots go to your Terraria pictures folder (which can also be accessed through camera mode) and drag the files onto your comments. Also, can't you edit your post?
  2. Dark Person

    please help!

    Nyan has done that before, you have to ask nicely and tell them roughly where it was
  3. @Nando you now have to pay @Zuanius for the PRIVILEGE of having his build slightly in your image
  4. +REP | Seems like some nice art, and your the first person to use tags on forums ~REP | Does pixel art count for builder?
  5. Normal People: Making a normal application Sery & Blanc:
  6. /ai is inaccurate as when Freebuild updated it's ranks it deleted all accounts
  7. Builder: Tisu Engineer: Tisumida Architect: Tisumida-Chan
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