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  1. Denied. These are the same as your previous application, and thus you'll get the same result. Builder ranks have very little to do with how you act ingame, so copy/pasting the same builds won't change the response. For reference, your UFO and tie fighter are the best builds out of the ones provided.
  2. Accepted. However your builds still lack in-depth detail so I suggest improving on that before applying for any other building ranks. To give an example, the snowy cave build is in the right direction imo.
  3. As stated above, you had positive intentions.... At least thats what you told us. Further digging results in finding you being disabled on PvE for damaging over 9999, which is not possible in any vanilla instance, period. The result of that should be pretty obvious.. Denied, you have been dishonest in your appeal and in your "arguing" on the discord. Also, any appeal made within the next 3 weeks will be denied, you need some time to rethink how you approach this.
  4. Denied. There is an appeal format, I suggest you take longer than 1 minute to type the appeal and follow the format. https://terraria.one/forums/topic/15-ban-appeal
  5. Denied. As said in the comments, you "stole" somebodys build. You did modify it in some ways, but it's still way too similar. Furthermore the quality difference in the stolen build versus the other builds shown is a good example of your building skill being nowhere near the skill required for a build like that, also proving the general idea of the build is not your own. You also did not list the positions of these builds as required in the format.
  6. Accepted. Somebody must have gotten an F in their English class.
  7. Accepted. I do suggest you put more effort towards the text part in future applications.
  8. I would have preferred some bigger builds but the ones that are large are quite nice. The white tower does look a bit off as theres no clear distinction between floors. Regardless, accepted.

T1: Lobby

T1: Lobby

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