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  1. Denied. Please use the correct formatting that is pinned.
  2. Denied. Please follow the correct format which is pinned.
  3. Accepted. Ban reduced to 14 days.
  4. You've gone ahead and spammed messages both to me and random members, so this ban will be permanent.
  5. This shouldn't be affecting anything related to the server that would cause it to think that you're using a modified client. It looks like that you used something that gave you more minions than what was possible in vanilla.
  6. What actions will you take to prevent your behavior from repeating?
  7. Please link the program you used to increase your fps.
  8. Accepted. Ban has been reduced to 30 days.
  9. Denied. Please follow the appeals format. (Click here)
  10. You were not banned for "talking bad about Cy". The reason for the ban is for using an alt account on discord and spamming racial slurs. Then you continued to join on alt accounts trying to avoid the ban.
  11. Please don't do this lol.
  12. Accepted. I agree with both @Razyer and @pickle rick that the last two builds are a bit rushed. However, taking into account the new builds that you posted I believe you're at the builder level.
  13. You have to yell at me to fix it.
  14. Closing. Follow the correct format, it's pinned in this section. Also, locking further appeals untill a month passes. Feel free to appeal after that.
  15. Denied. Please make a note if any part of the builds you've submitted are created by another person. I believe your best build is the 3rd one because of the texturing you put on the ground to make it not plain-looking. Other than that I would recommend looking into using a bit more block variation as well as adding more decorations.
  16. When you registered an account on the server it sent you the rules after you logged in. However, even if this wasn't the case it is the player's responsibility to know the general rules and guidelines of a server they play on.
  17. Denied. The wizard inn and hellevator are in no doubt amazing. The front entrance of the mine is my favorite from the block variation and how well it meshes in with the environment. The mine build itself is a bit plain and the 'cave's background' didn't really fit in that well. The columns in the ruins clash from the stone slab and doesn't really look normal in a hell environment. For the tree I would recommend adding adding a bit more texture, something like living mahogany can work. For the graveyard and wall I would love to see a combination of them being put together in some way like a ha

T1: Lobby

T1: Lobby

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