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  1. LMFAO OK Cy is our god and we shall pray to him. Cy is our god and we shall pray to him. Cy is our god and we shall pray to him. Cy is our god and we shall pray to him. Cy is our god and we shall pray to him.
  2. wth my rank and time zone wont show! fb rank= noble tme zone=GMT-7
  3. Username(s): mrPigronFishThing Discord Username: mrPigronFishThing Current Freebuild/PvE Rank: At least Squire lvl 55 How old are you? 11 What is your timezone? How active are you on the server? (Hours per day/week) 1-2 hours daily (I have had problems joining do to some sort of firewall) How long have you been a part of the server and how long have you been playing Terraria? I have been a part of Terraria One since late May. Have you had any past experience as Staff? No, not on any video game servers. I am Developer and Administrator on 2 Discord servers, though. Why do you
  4. hi


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      yes its very annoying

    3. I have problem

      I have problem

      mhm but learning is not that bad though I like to learn new things but schools just ruin learning for me tbh

    4. mrPigronFishThing
  5. well, i was wondering where ceso went cuz cesos been missing for like a month
  6. Hi Leah, your builds are good, but a lot of them were either copied or someone helped. I don't want this application denied, but please don't do this again. I think you could make builder if you hadn't copied some builds.
  7. I'm scared about "plastic memories" It was discovered by cy
  8. Great builds overall.y personal favorite builds are 1, 3, and 7. I'm just wondering does wiring count tho?
  9. well anyways afk and cya later (i hope cy accepts it by the morning) - mrPigronFishThing
  10. Just gonna AFK in the forums and in the server u cant box me unless ur staff

T1: Lobby

T1: Lobby

    You don't have permission to chat.
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