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  1. Why hello, I see  you're bored too, wanna hang out? - Suyiko


  2. Just threaten him with a gun, usually works.
  3. SpoderQuen


    Puella Magi Madoka Magica - Magia Record, really good anime, check it out
  4. **W a i t i n g . . . P l e a s e  w a i t . **

  5. merry crisi- i mean christmas y'all, stay safe.

  6. Cy is our god we pray to him, he will save us from the evil-doers, from the hackers, the griefers, EVERYTHING
  7. SpoderQuen


    The server was down for a whole day.. What happened?
  8. eheh... ANOTHER REVERSE!!!!
  9. Month: December, Day: 13th, Year: 2020, Time: 12:45 pm, fb is being like this once again...
  10. have you ever wanted to yeet yourself  out a window cuz of how hyper you are? yeah thats me.

  11. im lazy af and idk what to draw, halp qwq

  12. should i be intimidated or awed...
  13. i just realized the lines are too thicc, i need to try smaller.
  14. yeah, badly, same with fb, with all its crashes.
  15. hilarious though, once i saw you riding a unicorn too
  16. this is one of my characters stands, known as holding out for a hero
  17. annnndddd after a left that night the map wasnt a wreck, and only the surface was visable ;-;
  18. literally anything and everything around the house.

T1: Lobby

T1: Lobby

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