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  1. Username:Fazbeargamer993 Which Dimension(s) were you banned on?: (All / Freebuild / Other) All Ban Reason: Weirdo & Sexual behaviour Was the ban fair? Did you break the rules knowingly?: (Provide a reason) The ban was fair yes (at least the second part because we're all weird), and I did break the rules knowingly. Why should you be unbanned?: Over the last what, 3, 4 months? I've managed to change how I joke around. I don't do NSFW jokes anymore and avoid NSFW chat. If I hurt anyone by saying those jokes then I am truly sorry.
  2. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. Existing is pain

    1. ...............


      you know who else is in pain?

  4. Whenever someone tells you something that you don't like, don't let it discourage you. You are beautiful the way you are and you always will be. If someone is making you feel down, ignore them. You deserve to be happy unlike them. If someone pushes you, get back up and push them back twice as hard. You deserve to be on your feet and they don't. Our choices are what make us good or evil what we do, how we help or hurt the world.

  5. Here is the picture (I know it sucks (so im doing a Hydra next))



    Screenshot 2021-03-16 at 13.33.57.png

  6. So i finished the creature and drew a pegasus but ill show you later (im in spanish class rn)

  7. Tried drawing a dragon and made this creature. 😕



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    2. Fazbeargamer993


      I swear every day a new person simps for my face qwq 

    3. Lurian, Suyiko

      Lurian, Suyiko

      Lol, you are adorable though,

    4. Fazbeargamer993
  8. e c h  d e a  t  h

  9. yeah timezones exist. Most people are on at around 12:00 pm CSTish.
  10. Yesterday I went on a nostalgia trip with Timeless Traveler to the Community Villa the Blue Calam1ty built back in August and got the idea of re building it. If you want to help me do it you can just ask meh.

T1: Lobby

T1: Lobby

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