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  1. Nice build. Although it could use some work Add more blocks (preferably actuated stone) to the wall.
  2. Also builder applications are on pause lol.
  3. You'll have to yell at @Cy
  4. I'm still confused XD
  5. This is a long lost post/ban appeal
  6. Here is an example of a "proper" builder application don't steal any of the builds https://terraria.one/index.php?/forums/topic/390-accepted-solorions-builder-application/&tab=comments#comment-1226
  7. You have to post 5 builds on the application just that will not do anything.
  8. Solorion

    H o u s .

    the tree can use some paint and more structure but it's overall a good build
  9. Solorion

    H o u s .

    Time to scavenge the world and make all of the abandoned houses look like that..

T1: Lobby

T1: Lobby

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