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  1. Vote: Yes. Give this man his Architect
  2. This stuff ain't sucky. I think it'll definately be enough for builder. Good luck!
  3. I think these are definately builder worthy, good luck.
  4. I like some of the builds, but some of them just have too much open space. Anyway, good luck my dude!
  5. Just created a new house. It was built on the Terraria Builders Community server, so if you need proof that it is mine, you can ask Nova or any of the moderators of that server. I also have to clear up what I meant when I was talking about copying. To me, copying means looking at a build and literally just copying it. Making minimal changes. That kind of thing. That is not what I did with my builds. I looked at nothing while making them, and yes, I used similar styles to the builders in question, but in no way did I copy them. Here is the new build
  6. Why did you make such a huge typo??? This should say The Profaned Subway's Architect Application!
  7. Sorry about the debate, I was worried that others would also think that I copied my builds.
  8. You can believe what you want to believe, doesn't really concern me.
  9. The tree looks nothing like the tree that I made besides the trunk. The only build in there that was even slightly copied was in fact the Rulick one. However, I haven't even watched his video in like a year, so It is nowhere near a perfect copy. I suggest you find better evidence if you want to shit on someone unprovoked.
  10. While I took inspiration from them, I didn't copy either of them.
  11. Reggie, do you have anything nice to say at all? I didn't copy any of these. I didn't try to mislead you. I didn't try to deceive you. Please keep your thoughts to yourself for once.

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T1: Lobby

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