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  1. so you just put some toast into your pet toaster with love spreaded on them for this??????
  2. the world reset occurred while i was on my discord hiatus so if anyone or cy himself is able to get my build into the new world, here are the positions to transfer it from the old world 5791 255 paste it on the same positions, oh and region it please because at this time while im writing this, i need some sleep lo anyways, good night, and please transfer my zlab.
  3. 2/17/21 11:49 PM EST: why am i still awake... just using a phone.. and looking up some interesting things on it.. and i have to sit through this 1-2 week hiatus.. maybe my life has gone wild.

  4. update on my discord retirement:

    coming back on 2/13/21 yay

  5. you need to become/shapeshift into a toaster to feel the true love.
  6. retiring from discord, will depend if i should come back.

  7. do it. just do it. its your own choice.
  8. alright, nexus dimension needs to be fixed now, its just being an idiot these days because of the appearances of player's characters
  9. blame the nexus dimension for that, it just made my vanity look weirder on your side
  10. sadly, dark person cannot post the list of all the freebuild ranks here, since the whole thread is intended to keep track the list of monarchs that were obtained legit. if you are looking to see a list of many freebuild or other ranks, go to this alternate link here:
  11. i was first a monarch ever since the beginning of freebuild being opened for the first time in 1.4. other information: this was during a voting bug in which made many other players instantly become monarch before their ranks were rollbacked to their original rank.
  12. 10/28/2020: the forums is always completely silent. a bug decided to.. prevent us from posting anything. i am right here, typing this status on the silent forums. no one isnt going to say a single word.. except for a public chatbox, still being alive to this day. 


    i just hope that all of these bugs that have been left here on the forums will soon vanish, so that the lads are able to post anything on here, and if this bug still isnt fixed, then the lads dont have the opportunity to post either a ban appeal or a builder application with this stupid bug alive.

    1. Solorion


      The bug is really annoying. I was trying to make a status update but It didn't hit me that I could post it on discord =P

  13. also, please stop putting random things in the thread title. its pretty much a weird thing to do lol

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T1: Lobby

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