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  1. sadly, dark person cannot post the list of all the freebuild ranks here, since the whole thread is intended to keep track the list of monarchs that were obtained legit. if you are looking to see a list of many freebuild or other ranks, go to this alternate link here:
  2. i was first a monarch ever since the beginning of freebuild being opened for the first time in 1.4. other information: this was during a voting bug in which made many other players instantly become monarch before their ranks were rollbacked to their original rank.
  3. 10/28/2020: the forums is always completely silent. a bug decided to.. prevent us from posting anything. i am right here, typing this status on the silent forums. no one isnt going to say a single word.. except for a public chatbox, still being alive to this day. 


    i just hope that all of these bugs that have been left here on the forums will soon vanish, so that the lads are able to post anything on here, and if this bug still isnt fixed, then the lads dont have the opportunity to post either a ban appeal or a builder application with this stupid bug alive.

    1. Solorion


      The bug is really annoying. I was trying to make a status update but It didn't hit me that I could post it on discord =P

  4. also, please stop putting random things in the thread title. its pretty much a weird thing to do lol
  5. i am currently sure that these builds are less likely going to be b2. there isnt alot of building variation to it, check the other accepted engineer applications for any ideas or tips. but, im just going to say, good luck.
  6. this is the 420th forum thread wtf
  7. just get brown paint and a paint roller and paint the glass windows its simple duh
  8. why are the glass windows not dirt windows thats a mistake for a dirt house
  9. oh and we better have the church of cy build in freebuild hehe
  10. i bet this topic here is gonna have over 69 replies god dang it just dont let the topic get pinned because of this

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T1: Lobby

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