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  1. LamB


  2. LamB

    Funny script

    Ah you remembered the squad lol (Incase you didn't know, the squad was originally created by me to play survival, it contained: Ram (RamudaP) Zuan (Zuanius) Pozo (The Fallen) Mike (Admiral Hipper) Crow (Crowmaeda) Loch (The Dark Maw Of Loch) Eclipse (well, Eclipse) Cy is just comedy relief dw.)
  3. You forgot me ;-; And some other too, FurryCat, DaBuilder, Test Player, Emmy,...
  4. LamB

    Cy like hedgehogs?

    Sigh Alex, why
  5. I've noticed that cy new pfp have hedgehogs in it and was wondering does cy love hedgehogs?
  6. LamB


    Foolish Zuan, You Dare To Challange ME?!?!? THE CHAMPION OF THE WATER GUN?!?
  7. LamB


    Still not quick enough, it seems that your hiatus has slowed down your skills zuan, you're no match for me!
  8. I have something else on mind but whatever
  9. Why haven't nova give you back [Helper] smh And get sprayed nerds.
  10. LamB


    You took too long you dummy Get Sprayed Again!
  11. Ye I really like it too hopefully if they actually do that it'd be cooler than what I made.
  12. But it'd be up to the admin team if they actually want to make actual T1 merch smh
  13. LamB


    Get Sprayed Nerds!!

T1: Lobby

T1: Lobby

    You don't have permission to chat.
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