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  1. I'm asking this once if you repost someone's meme i'll take you to the Goverment Complex.

  2. I forgot to put Brown Stained Glass Walls on Dirt. Now i want to edit it.
  3. This is the greatest Plan!

  4. Good Luck with that one.. and you need one more build, dang it.
  5. Small Builder Worthy, i am about to be cramped into a Town.
  6. uh, is he banned or what? he literally break too many of Ivy's Bulbs..
  7. btw, Marty was banned for raiding and griefing Ivy's Base so its perfectly safe now.
  8. Username(s): Alex145837/Cyber Alex Discord Username: Alex145837 Current Freebuild Rank: Jester Applying for: Builder How long have you been building?: Awhile. How would you describe your builds?: i describe them to my friends. (a.k.a: Zuanius, and others.) Notes: My Builds are actually builded by me and claimed them, but one named Cyber Base that is Claimed by Redtream cus of Claim Bug and he gave perms to me since i built it. (Perms from each build i made: Alex145837 & Cyber Alex.) Screenshots:

T1: Lobby

T1: Lobby

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