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Solorion's please give me Engineer Application

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Username(s): Solorion

Discord Username: ! !Solorion

Current Freebuild Rank: builder

Applying for: engineer

How long have you been building?: 4 months tbh

How would you describe your builds?: builds that I build when I am bored

Notes: (Optional) 



Capture 2020-09-07 15_09_26.png

Capture 2020-09-08 13_46_07.png

Capture 2020-09-15 07_31_41.png

Capture 2020-09-16 08_24_17.png

Capture 2020-09-19 09_24_34.png

Capture 2020-10-12 13_09_40.png

Capture 2020-10-12 13_13_08.png

Capture 2020-10-12 15_50_33.png

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actually Cy is going to revamping the whole server
so as of now everything is on pause
my last message was a bit harsh
sorry Cy when you do read this
cant wait to see the new server settings

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