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MaineNJ's Builder Application

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Discord Username:



Current Freebuild Rank:



Applying for:



How long have you been building?:

On the FB server, about 2 weeks. Personally, about a year.


How would you describe your builds?:

Mostly medieval or gothic, although I can do modern and tech as well.


Notes: (Optional)

This account says my FB username is MaineNJ2 which isn’t true. Due to some account issues, I’d had to use an alt account to sign up on this website, my FB username is ‘MaineNJ’. I hope this doesn’t cause any issues, and thanks for considering my application!



3279 East, 727 Surface: 640103960_3279East727Surface.thumb.png.05199d941ac69bf5c603d81d9023605e.png

1757 West, 746 Surface: 1041188745_1757West746Surface.thumb.png.3e4925f8c34bc5015b47ec33670c6eed.png

1392 West, 726 Surface: 107226558_1392West726Surface.thumb.png.f974f6985dc27ef944e76891b96d8353.png

6744 East, 155 Surface: 537719807_6744East155Surface.thumb.png.22292448bfbd9c89dec6e094a24b848b.png

8126 East, 742 Surface: 379114336_8126East742Surface.thumb.png.b9934e40c26346f3b606b396fda759af.png

7678 East, 894 Caverns: 1722248752_7678East894Caverns.thumb.png.2090f615a1ea8de01b8b3102fb0a5cb9.png

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