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  3. Accepted. Ban reduced to 14 days.
  4. You've gone ahead and spammed messages both to me and random members, so this ban will be permanent.
  5. also these builds are great and will gift you builder
  6. He's currently revamping the whole server it's why staff apps and builder apps are on pause he said he will reopen the builder (and hopeful staff) applications
  7. I think i found the problem, i was using terraria tweaker instead of the normal terraria launch. I used the terraria tweaker instead of the normal terraria, due to the normal terraria taking more longer for launching, so instead i use the terraria tweaker in vanilla. I didn't realize until now, i apologize if this is illegal, but i didn't realize. If i am perma banned i agree, but it wasn't my goal to ruin the server in any way.
  8. also i'm going to be adding builds untill I get engineer hahahaha
  9. actually Cy is going to revamping the whole server so as of now everything is on pause my last message was a bit harsh sorry Cy when you do read this cant wait to see the new server settings
  10. Spring is coming... 
    Days are getting colder...
    I feel sad about the people around me...
    But they never care for my feeling anyways...
    Just a lonely ramp in this blissful world
    Life is fun but i still feels like i'm missing something
    If i keep doing these fake laugh i'm going to go mad
    Like what am i doing wrong? it's even right?
    Laziness and Lust is going to make me feel wrong 
    How do i fix myself
    Keep getting these weird thoughts about myself
    Like i can predict everything, nothing is able to make me interested anymore
    Keep getting interested in other and abandoned the old things
    What's my goals? what do i need to do? i feel like i'm just an annoying thing to my friends
    Just another disappointed, but who care about me anyways

  11. This shouldn't be affecting anything related to the server that would cause it to think that you're using a modified client. It looks like that you used something that gave you more minions than what was possible in vanilla.
  12. I sincerely promise that I will not write curse words in the chat or spam or do any other innapropiate things at all!
  13. Earlier
  14. What actions will you take to prevent your behavior from repeating?
  15. Please link the program you used to increase your fps.
  16. Just threaten him with a gun, usually works.
  17. Username:Digitus99 Which Dimension(s) were you banned on?: All. Ban Reason: Hacking (Though it was not hacking.) Was the ban fair? Did you break the rules knowingly?: I didn't know using programs to boost my fps were illegal. Why should you be unbanned?: I didn't really hacked, i just tried to fix the fps from my computer with a program.
  18. Username: Zanthos/Ranthos Which Dimension(s) were you banned on?: Freebuild Ban Reason: Griefing a build, Say inappropiate things, spamming, Trying to eat suyiko's A**. Was the ban fair? Did you break the rules knowingly?: The ban was fair. I break the rules knowingly Why should you be unbanned?: I promise that I will be nice and never do that ever again
  19. jesus christ Cy it's now fu/king 2021 please open the goddamn forums and respond to the applications dammit!
  20. SpoderQuen


    Puella Magi Madoka Magica - Magia Record, really good anime, check it out
  21. Ḏ̸͖̟̙͍͋̓̀̌͋͐̔̃͒̈͋̑̑̕̕i̴̧͚̞̱͍̤̺̯͓̩̰̞̓́̑̊̀͂̓́̽́͌͛̄͝s̴̡̮̥̳̥͆̅̈́͑̇̏͊̊ç̵̧̢̤̣̫̯̖̹̻̣̘͓̼̈́͑͂͋̊͠͝͝͝͠o̸͈͘n̸̯͓̔̈́͂̑̊t̶͂̀́̂̅̄̓̕̚̕͜i̶͖̝͒̇̐͐̀̆̎͛̃͗̉̓͒̑͠n̴̢̨̽̏́̆̈́͊̽̓̆̈̍̽̏̅͝u̸̦̐̈̈́̐̿͝ė̸̘̮͇̱̹͉͍̰͓̭̦͚̳̐̌̄̓́͜͝ͅd̸̛̤̻͉̬̙̙̜̥͍̯̣͙́̏̏̈́̂͜

  22. **W a i t i n g . . . P l e a s e  w a i t . **

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