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Scavenger Hunt


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Hello! I'm oceanmyth, me along with nova created the underground desert village, i'm starting a scavenger hunt. The first chest which has a clue of where to go after this is in hell, to make things easier, i'm posting a screenshot of where the first chest is, if you have won the scavenger hunt, please DM me on discord, my discord is oceanmyth #2272, please post a screenshot of you at where every chest is.  Good luck!

scavenger 1.png

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It seems i made it too vague, the main rules are the following:


You cannot ask me for help.


You can get one person to help you, but only one person


You must share the reward with the one helping person.


The reward is a lot in the desert village and bistol. (a staff member who offered himself as a reward)

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