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What's your opinion on the new CS:GO update?

Dark Person

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So, I was playing CS:GO the other day and i was checking out the new Danger Zone, Battle Royal, mode. I'm interested in what's your opinion on that?

Also, CS:GO has gone F2P With users who bought the game before it went free receiving a free upgrade to CS:GO prime account. Previously you could only get prime by registering a phone number and some other factors. Whats your opinion on this?

And finally, do you feel that you were scammed by buying the game? Is prime really worth it? 

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Personally I think it's a great PR move by Valve. Battle Royale is the hot new thing and it'll pull in a lot of players, most of which will probably quit when the next BR game comes along, but some might stay because they enjoy the game. I think in regards to "being scammed by buying the game earlier and now it's free", does it really matter that much anyways? The game was only like $10-15 before anyways. Besides, most people who bought the game before F2P probably have single items worth 50x what they bought the game for, so I can't think they'd be that angry.

I don't think the update is that bad. I just wish Valve would pay some attention to other potential major esports and moneymakers *cough*

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