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Solorion's Engineer Application (updated)

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Username: Solorion

Discord username: Soʅ

Current Freebuild rank: Builder

Applying for: Engineer

How long have you been building?: 1 year+

How would you describe your builds?:  Very detailed and good

Notes: this is the 2nd version of this application, hope this is better than the last one. I also hope the positive support on me getting the rank will improve the outcome and overall my internal & endless happiness 😄

Build showcase:

Capture 2021-03-03 08_44_30.png


Capture 2021-01-07 13_33_16.png


Capture 2020-12-14 13_06_35.png

Capture 2020-12-09 15_24_43.png

Capture 2021-03-19 09_45_17.png

Capture 2021-03-19 18_40_36.png

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21 minutes ago, Zuanius said:

solor stop turning this engineer application into an architect application, your power is too beyond

I can always make more builds lul

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