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[Accepted] OfficialJack's Ban Appeal


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Username: OfficialJack

Which Dimension were you banned on?: (Nexus / Freebuild / PvE / Items / CTF) > Nexus i think, im not too sure

Ban Reason: Hacks

Ban Length: Forever

Was the ban fair? Did you break the rules knowingly?: (Provide a reason) > I broke the rules by using a hack or client

Why should you be unbanned?: 

The specific actions that i will have to take not have this to occur again are: Not to hack again because that would still ruin the experience of other players on the server, & would be banned again. Not to take it as a joke and taking it seriously. And not to treat other players like if they were something to mess around with, & not to break the rules cause

that would decrease the experience of everyone & chance of getting an appeal

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