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  4. these builds are getting really nice. i guess you just wanted builder but i guess good luck hehe
  5. It means your doing whatever you doing right now idk...
  6. Username(s): Zavierr (with 2 r's) Discord Username: Zavierrr ( with 3 r's) Current Freebuild Rank: Courier Applying for: Builder Rank How long have you been building?: Been Playing On Mobile For a few years, until i decided to switch to pc , been building for quite a while now on the server (like 2~3 months) And a few years on my own world How would you describe your builds?: Some are Simple , Some are Quite Good , Just doing small builds for now , mainly bottle builds ,will do big builds later on in the server if inspired by.. Notes: Pos From Builds Are Quite Close, its mainly in the snow biome, "Zav's Shack And Bar" (3038,467) , Mushroom Biome In A Dome (2865,301) , Hallow In A Bottle , (2920, 303) Jungle In Bottle , Snow In Bottle (2967, 302) , My Pixel Art ( 2982, 416) , Dungeon In Dome , (2889, 344) Screenshots:
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  8. It’s a drankon/Dragon on Zuan BRUH
  9. also why is your profile look like a weird fish lol
  10. Zardack is doing zardack like things
  11. obviously though when i scroll up the chat on phase it extends it and causes lag btw
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