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  3. Denied. It seems you haven't joined the server in the past 20 days.
  4. This world has been corrupted due to unknown reasons. Because of this the most updated version of it has been saved as a schematic. Steps: TShock Download How to setup a TShock server After setting up a TShock server you will need to put the following .dll (plugin) into the ServerPlugins folder. World Edit Download After restarting the server there should be a new folder named worldedit. Place the schematic-FreebuildWorld.dat into it. You will then need to execute the following to paste in the updated world: /reload //all //schem load FreebuildWorld //paste schematic-FreebuildWorld.dat T1-_Freebuild.wld
  5. 321boo

    Happy spooktober!!

    Version 1.0.0


    Happy spooktober everyone!
  6. Earlier
  7. you do need to be more active though but I do agree T1 is in need of a very active staff member
  8. wth my rank and time zone wont show! fb rank= noble tme zone=GMT-7
  9. Username(s): mrPigronFishThing Discord Username: mrPigronFishThing Current Freebuild/PvE Rank: At least Squire lvl 55 How old are you? 11 What is your timezone? How active are you on the server? (Hours per day/week) 1-2 hours daily (I have had problems joining do to some sort of firewall) How long have you been a part of the server and how long have you been playing Terraria? I have been a part of Terraria One since late May. Have you had any past experience as Staff? No, not on any video game servers. I am Developer and Administrator on 2 Discord servers, though. Why do you want to become a Staff member and what has been your impact on the server? Every time I join Terraria One, I see that almost always there are no staff members. I feel like a lot of times that I cannot do anything for the server. I want to have a chance to keep the server safe. Notes: (Optional)
  10. Zuanius

    please help!

    i remember, the previous map had the lab, which megaman used to move it. it looked like it had most of the blocks are cobalt brick, painted with white, and i dunno where was the position.
  11. Cy

    please help!

    You'll have to tell me which map it's from and the position of where it is on that map.
  12. Dark Person

    please help!

    Nyan has done that before, you have to ask nicely and tell them roughly where it was
  13. SpeeQz1

    please help!

    unfortunately i don't think they will do that, if they don't have a blueprint. Now if you have asked for a blueprint you can answer me, down you will see 2 the things that you can expect: - You have asked for saving the building meaning that they can transfer it - You haven't asked for saving the building meaning they can't transfer it (I don't have a lot of information about this but it is or it isn't possible to pull it from the old world)
  14. Zuanius

    please help!

    can any staff transfer my lab from the old map to the new map in freebuild?
  15. Zuanius

    No context

    its just no and yes in the screenshot lol
  16. _Eclipse_

    Shrug & WInk

    Version 1.0.0


    Well look at 'em, their Shruggin' & Winkin'
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