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  4. i feel bad for narps, they've been sitting here for 2 months and havent been answered yet
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  6. I still have the infinity ds server tho...
  7. is gay horseradish an instrument?
  8. I do use the digging claw, and "why is it so big". It's a cave and I'm doing a engineer application thats why lol
  9. Holy mother of Cthulhu why is it so big. Also if your digging out large areas use a Rapid Shroomite Digging Claw with the mining buff. It makes you dig like its fucking gel.
  10. I hate my life. My mother takes not only my phone but also my pc. So now I cant fucking use discord because Im using my school computer! FUN!


    Screenshot 2020-10-16 at 9.22.40 AM.png

  11. Mate just use brown stained glass windows with brown paint. then they'll be EXTRA DIRTY
  12. Here is some good luck from le robo bear. (I've given up on builder lol)
  13. Suy give Cy a break hes in school. He cant focus on the server and you at once.
  14. im about to slit cy's neck with my scythe if he doesnt answer this build app, its been a month, cy, a MONTH
  15. Teach me how to build oh great one. (Seriously your builds are really good. I feel puny.)
  16. this pixel art just poofed onto the forums. Emmy stop looking at me your not allowed to poof.
  17. Ok Coma is officially a weird person. I mean we already knew that but this solidifies it.
  18. No patrick Gay Mayonnaise is not an instrument. Also where did this come from? as if the egg wasn;t enough lol.
  19. OK for the second time boys's (and maybe girl I don't know your gender Kit sorry) I used the steam snapshot version instead of the ingame Terraria one. I didn't know at the time that they both went into your files.
  20. most of the space is filled with other regions. and I keep forgetting about FB+ =P
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